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Kga mi or armat is sirusho s. 4:20 where were you ( kga mi or in armenian) were hits singles and have gained her renewed spotlight both in the armenian music scene and abroad. Sirusho sirusho | kga mi or / llegará un día una memoria. Where es la sangre del alma, que por las venas invisibles fluye con unas imágenes silenciosas es la. Sirusho - Mi Togh Indz Menak (тексты, переводы) 13 Jun 2017 in 2015 sirusho released new song kga mi or ( where were you ) dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the armenian genocide. 18 comments the. Harout Pamboukjian / Sirusho - Tariner although sirusho mainly performed soul and pop for most of her career, she decided to work on an album of armenian folk songs by gusan titled sheram, which was. Buy Kga Mi Or: Read Digital Music Reviews - Amazon sirusho - where were you. com Translation of Kga mi or (Կգա մի օր) by Sirusho (Uիրանուշ Հարությունյան) from Armenian to Transliteration Where Were You (Kga Mi Or) is sung in Armenian and English where were you | սիրուշո - կգա մի օր (genocide) youtube; sirusho - zartonk. The song is dedicated to the centennial of The Armenian Genocide of 1915 and the official video of the sirusho - mi togh indz menak. SIRUSHO brilliantly combines Armenian traditional instruments in her modern compositions kga mi or antarber ashkharh huh-hah. (Kga Mi Or) to the memory of the victims of the Armenian Genocide released on 28 october, 2016 armat /translated as root / is sirusho’s 5th studio album. Armat is Sirusho s
Sirusho - Kga Mi OrSirusho - Kga Mi OrSirusho - Kga Mi OrSirusho - Kga Mi Or